EBSI-VECTOR – EBSI Enabled Verifiable Credentials & Trusted Organisations Registries

PeakIT is a member of the consortium, which is driving digital transformation based on Blockchain technology.

Project Overview:

The “EBSI-VECTOR” project is a part of the Digital Europe initiative and was launched on June 1st, 2023, with a duration of two years. It aims to leverage cutting-edge blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) to facilitate the digital transformation of governmental entities towards open, transparent, citizen-centered, decentralized, and cooperative models. The project is focused on bridging the gap between “pre-production” implementations and real-life production adoption in specific application sectors.

Vision and Objectives:

The overarching vision of EBSI-VECTOR is to enhance the capabilities of social security, educational credentials, and ESSIF use cases. This involves promoting self-sovereignty, decentralized verifiable credentials, and decentralized trusted registries for each use case, ensuring real end-user services for European citizens. The project seeks to achieve this by leveraging the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and implementing it in various countries and cross-border interactions. Additionally, EBSI-VECTOR aims to support the development of the European Decentralized Identity (EUDI) ecosystem by engaging more stakeholders and actors.

Demonstrative Use Cases:

EBSI-VECTOR will demonstrate its potential through three relevant use cases, developed and deployed in a cross-border context:

  1. Education: Use case for learning outcomes achievements, use case for transcript of records, and use case for student ID.
  2. Social Security: Use case for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and use case for Portable Document PDA1.
  3. Business Registries: Use case for the identity of legal persons deployed with selected partners.


The EBSI-VECTOR consortium comprises more than 50 partners from 20 countries, representing a diverse and well-balanced group of organizations. Notably, PeakIT is a prominent member of the consortium, contributing its expertise and experience in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The collaboration includes public sector organizations from the European Blockchain Partnership, which have previously explored verifiable credentials and decentralized registries. They are joined by business domain experts and policy advisors from the education and social security sectors, actively involved in different use case groups and related projects. Moreover, academic and technical experts with extensive EBSI compliant solutions, development, and design experience are also part of the consortium.

The participating countries in the consortium include Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, Greece, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Cyprus, Poland, The Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Norway, Hungary, and Portugal.

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