Findify for Web3

Tomorrow's Innovation

At PeakIT, innovation is part of our genesis!

We are working on tomorrow’s technology, and blockchain is the foundation of the next version of Findify, putting Findify on WEB3!

Many web3 features will soon be available in our Findify solution, such as:

  • Development of functionalities that will allow mint and respective NFTs transactions to:
    • POAPs – allowing to generate NFTs that will serve as proof of attendance at a given event or to reward a visitor at a given event/space;
    • Tickets for entries / events – possibility to manage ticketing in the form of NFTs, preventing fraud and reducing costs;
    • Art sale – the sale of digital art in the form of NFT is rapidly gaining market share and is a medium that should be explored by all artists;
  • Development of solutions based on transactions with cryptocurrencies;
  • Development of solutions for the Metaverse – making it possible to provide a physical location in the Metaverse, such as the experience of visiting a museum in this new world.

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